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The Company

Anilo Quartz Stone Carpet is the largest producing company of the region in the jointless floor and wall coverings, wherein it exports to a total of 21 countries in 3 continents including France, Russia, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan, Qatar, United Arab Emirates, and Iran other than Turkey. Our company was established in 2010 and actually has more than 20 years of wall and floor covering experience. Anilo's daily production capacity is 500 tons.


Anilo Quartz Special Stone Carpet Flooring;

High-quality guarantee (10 years)

Stone Carpet produced by Anilo is resistant to sun rays(UV), water, chemicals, scratch-resistant, yellowing and fading.

Quartz Stone

The quartz stones we use from our own reserves are used in the wall and floor coverings.

Quartz stone is a precious stone composed of minerals from crystal group. The hardness level of the quartz stone, which has the crystallization feature, is very high. It is very resistant to sudden changes in temperature.


It facilitates mental and spiritual balance by touching the energy points in the human body due to its electrical properties.
It facilitates emotional balance by stimulating brain functions.
It stores positive energy and transmits it by enriching to the environment.
It adjusts mental forms.
Keeps the body fit, gives strength and vitality.
Protects from negative situations such as anger, fear, guilt, and jealousy
It nourishes and develops the feelings of love and compassion.
It has positive effects on eye diseases.
It has positive effects on situations such as panic attack, stress, and insecurity.
It has the characteristic of collecting the negative energy in the environment in itself and transmits positive energy.

Franchise System


Our Working Methods

We provide practical and disciplinary training to support our dealer network, which is one of our most
important strategic partnerships, with information and equipment and to make it easier for them to overcome the difficulties they face while proceeding.

What you need to do

Earn Time

You can be a part of Anilo, and you can easily offer our services in your region. First, you should send us an e-mail telling us about yourself, your company history, your potential customer network, and so on in detail.
If the preliminary assessment result is favorable, our representatives will get in contact with you.

Evaluation process

We are always with you

We are meticulously examining all requests while creating our dealer network.
We give all our support to build an alliance that will be useful for both of us and for our dealer candidate.

Our Criteria

How to Work

CUSTOMER-FOCUSED: Anilo will, by no means, apply any process unless it adds value to its customer.
PROFESSIONAL: We act according to the technical data in all processes and work to present the most accurate with our innovative measurement methods.
INNOVATIVE: We know that innovation is important to meet the ever-changing needs of our customers, and those opportunities need to be expanded and developed rapidly.
LOYALTY: Our responsibility to our work, our passion for what we do, and our speed to achieve it, are proof of our commitment.

Performance and Incentive System

Value of Success

We apply incentive methods on different subjects to improve point of sale performance, to provide customers and consumers with the same quality of service at all points.

Contact Us

We are Happy to Help

Contact us if you want to proceed with us and offer our services in your region.