Quartz Export

Micronized Quartz Crystals

It is very resistant to sudden changes in temperature

Natural quartz sizes available in stock:
  • 0.8/1.2 mm
  • 1.5/2.5 mm
  • 2/3 mm
  • 3/5 mm
  • 5/8 mm

The following quartz sizes and quartz in large rock format are being sold.
Positive Energy
Anilo Stone Carpet Quartz stone is a precious stone composed of minerals from crystal group. The hardness level of the quartz stone, which has the crystallization feature, is very high. It is very resistant to sudden changes in temperature.


- It facilitates mental and spiritual balance by touching the energy points in the human body due to its electrical properties.
- It facilitates emotional balance by stimulating brain functions.
- It stores positive energy and transmits it by enriching to the environment.
- It adjusts mental forms.
- Keeps the body fit, gives strength and vitality.
- Protects from negative situations such as anger, fear, guilt, and jealousy.
- It nourishes and develops the feelings of love and compassion.
- It has positive effects on eye diseases.
- It has positive effects on situations such as panic attack, stress, and insecurity.
- It has the characteristic of collecting the negative energy in the environment in itself and transmits positive energy.