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Stone Carpet 100% Quartz

Infinite Options of Color

What is Stone Carpet

Stone Carpet
We realize you dreams with the Anilo Qwarts stones that are formed from the millions of particles that are obtained by Anilo mines after which they are sieved in 0.8 / 1.2mm, 1.5 / 2.5mm and 2.3mm.
The quartz grains are colored with specially developed coatings, resulting in a very high quality that is more wear-resistant and more colorfast.
The quartz grains are mixed with the transparent primer anix61 produced by ANilO. Afterwards, a professional place this mix with a special trowel into a complete and seamless floor.
A Stone carpet consists of millions of grains of sand. Their standard size is 0.8 to 1.2mm, 1.5 to 2.5mm or 2 to 3mm.

1. Stone carpet Inside open structure
For indoor spaces where the risk of contamination is small, such as bedrooms etc.

2. Stone carpet Closed structure ANOX61-F-UV
For indoor spaces where the risk of contamination is greater, such as kitchens, bathrooms, living rooms and toilets.

3. Stone carpet UV- outside
For outdoor applications, such as terraces, alongside swimming pools etc. A high UV resistant binder is used that is resistant to sunlight.

4. Stone carpet UV inside Closed structure
For indoor areas where a lot of light comes in and where the likelihood of contamination is great, such as kitchens, living rooms, offices etc.
Stone Carpet

Open structure UV stone carpet

The difference with a standard stone carpet lies in the coating that is used for coloring and the binder ANIX61-UV.
  • Has a high wear resistance.
  • UV-resistant, does not fade.
  • Resistant to external weather conditions.
  • Water-resistant.
  • Floors exposed to sunlight

    Color layers caused by sunlight are the most vulnerable to discolouration. In order to ensure that your floor remains the same after even years, it is recommended to use PU-UV resistant ANIX61-P-UV. Optionally by means of a spraying method ANIX61-P-UV is used as the last layer, which gives the floor an extra protection.

    Skirting Boards

    As well as the floor, it is also possible to finish the skirting boards with stone carpet. A skirting board can be easily constructed using a section and a specially developed vertical binder.
    Stone Carpet


    The Subsurface must always be clean, dry, free of dust and grease free at all times. With the right pre-treatment a stone carpet can be placed on almost any surface;
    • Concrete
    • Floor tiles
    • Stone carpet
    • Wooden floor
    • Chape
    • Wood


    • Dust-resistant
    • Seamless
    • Anti allergic
    • Easy to maintain
    • Exclusive due to endless choice in colors
    • can be placed on nearly all substates
    • Suitable for new construction and renovation
    • No break work is required of renovation
    • Feels nice and warm
    • Possibility to incorporate logos, drawings, patterns
    • Fits every type of interior, from classic to modern
    • Wear-resistant
    • Sound-absorbing
    • Combination with underfloor heating possible
    Stone Carpet

    A Quartz carpet consists of millions Quartz granules mixed with resins. The quartz grains are cleaned, dried and then colored, with a large choice of colors of about 330 colors.

    Their standard dimensions are 0.8 to 1.2 mm, 1.5 to 2.5 mm or 2 to 3 mm. With the Quartz you can create a large number of visual effects, color changes to incorporate patterns or logos into the ground or to create your personal shadow. The colors are mixable with each other.

    Our quartz stone carpet is resistant to UV rays, a high-quality and non-yellowing binder is selected to preserve the color of the stone carpet, despite the influence of UV-Rays. The small stones themselves are also colored by using a PU coating that is not yellow.

    Weekly Maintenance

    The maintenance of a stone carpet floor can best be compared with that of a wall-to-wall carpet, i.e. at least 1 vacuum cleaning a week (perhabs several times depending on the degree of dirtiness). It is not necessary to clean with water and soap every time, as the dirt can be easily removed using a good vacuum cleaner. However, it is possible to freshen up the stone carpet with a wet mop.

    Partial Filthiness

    For partial filthiness, caused by the spilling of liquids and/or pasty products, it is best to immediately clean with warm water and a brush/sponge. Immediately after the treatment, suck up the dirty water using a water sucking device and rinse again, in certain spots, with pure water and suck up again.

    Thorough Cleaning

    If, after some time, the floor needs thorough cleaning after all, one can clean the floor using a carpet cleaner. These devices are capable of recovering 90% of the impregnated water, allowing the floor to be dry again in no time. However, we do not recommend cleaning the floor using an ordinary water sucking device as this sucks up only 40-60% of the water back from the floor. This means that the rest is to evaporate and that it can be quite a while, depending on the temperature, before the floor can be used again.

    Floor Heating

    A quartz carpet is highly suitable in combination with floor heating.ANIX 61 binder will not be adversely affected by the temperature (up to 120°C). Moreover, you will experience the effect of the pleasant warmth near your feet more quickly since no thick tile or the like needs to be warmed up first; rather, the air between the small stones will be warmed up almost instantly thanks to the numerous pores in between.

    Floor lighting

    If you want to add an extra dimension to your floor, you can have floor lighting installed during the application.

    Contact sound

    A stone carpet gives a sound improvement of 50db.

Daily production capacity of Anilo 500 tons

The system is full automation.

0.8/1.2mm, 1.5/2.5mm and 2/3mm quartz stones are colored with special techniques.
It is offered to the consumer in 25 kg bags.